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Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I'm female at least I was last time I checked. I'm single and no I'm not looking Sheesh! I pretty much live alone unless I get invated by my brother his girlfriend and the kids. This happens on a fairly reguler basis. to the fact I might as well live in a hotel. I don't have any pets unless my brother counts as one. I have three brothers in total. I'm the youngset of my family.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I have recently become a professional prodestrian again, and quite frankly it's a hell of a lot easier to cope with. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy driving. Give me an open road and a destination to cruise to and I'm very happy.

Driving two minutes to the shopping centre sucks!

The main street on the city I live in is single laned with 45 Degree angle parking either side. This in it's self is not a problem. But for some reason people seem to think the road is double laned. And that double parking to put on lipstick is a god given write! Ahh I hate these people. You can't get around them. Then there are those who stop to Waite for somebody to pull out of the parking bay. Even if said person has no intention of pulling out.

I don't get it why do people have to park right in front of the shop they need to do to??? You have legs walk! The car park is less than a five minute walk from anything and two minutes from most.

What really gets my goat is people who park in handicap zones unless their handicap is a huge case of stupid!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Fifty Two Pick Up

I know in the great grand scale of things carrying 11 plastic cards is nothing. But I don't carry all mine I have 20 in total and none of them are Credit cards. I know that is hard to believe in this day and age but I refuse to be taken in completely by the 21 century. If I don't have the money on me I don't buy it. A simple philosophy but it works for me.

My brother has 52 plastic cards he carries with him everywhere. That's a full deck! How he carries them in his wallet is a complete mystery but I have noticed he doesn't keep it in his back pocket and when he drives he throws it on the dash.

My observation is why the hell do we need so many cards? Is it some kind of competition? When you collect 100 of the stupid things the sky will suddenly burst open with balloons, streamers and fireworks accompanied by a entourage of trumpets announce you the winner of a free trip to outta Mongolia or something. Where when you get there you'll be greeting with more cards.

Maybe we could start a swap card game, like the kids do. "I'll swap you my spotlight vip membership card for you library card and video membership." or maybe was could play poker using the cards as the chips. Lets face it half the cards you carry around you never use. I have an indoor mountain climbing card and I don't even know why.

Like I said I an a simple person so my idea is why can't we just have one card for everything. It would be so much easier.

I know, I know all that personal information in one place isn't good. But we all keep our cards in the one place...... I've never seen anybody go though their wallet every time they go out. "Drivers license? Yes I'll need that. Library card? Honey will we be going to the library today? No I wont need that one. Indoor mountain climbing membership? No. Ambulance membership? Well I do believe I will be hit by a bus at 3pm so I'd better take that."

Ok I know I'm being weird and that if we did only have on card some idiot would scam away of stealing all the info off it.

pity we can't just use out thump prints or retina scans for I.D. but them of cause the would be a lot of people with out thumbs or eyeballs. Sorry about the gross factor there.

Still there must be a way to keep the bulky wallets under control. So that every time we drop them we are not forced to play 52 pickup.